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Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (B.L.T.) Lite

I’m pleased to announce that we are back from hiatus!  Lots of family events, graduations, births, and other special occasions have kept us quite busy!  Now that the season is turning colder, that means more time indoors, and more time

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Quick Chicken Tacos

So, on this site we’ve posted a few great ideas on what to add into your tacos, from homemade shells to salsa chicken. Here’s what household 6 and I had for dinner last night. Its fast, simple and perfect for

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Sour Cream and Yum

The best part of sour cream is the ability to temper a spicy food. So what we’re doing today is making a sour cream that adds not only the cooling effect, but great flavor!   We used this recipe in

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Cheesy Garlic Flour Tortilla

Tired of those bland tortilla shells you pick up at the store?  So were we, that’s why we started experimenting with making our own tortilla shells.  No added ingredients you can’t pronounce, and you can pack them with as much

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Salsa Chicken

Super duper simple and yet fantastic way to make a nice Mexican style chicken. The biggest danger with chicken is when it drys out. This dish calls for a fair amount of salt, so your chicken can get dry quickly

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